Some altcoins shoot up to 99% and user doubles their money in two months after investing in Cardano

While Bitcoin cannot break the $10,000, some altcoins are facing a major market valuation wave. According to an analysis published on Facebook, in the last seven days Dogecoin (DOGE) had a valuation of 99%.

The „altseason“ faced by some altcoins caused an investor to double the amount invested in Cardano (ADA). The user says that in only two months he saw that the capital invested had a valuation of more than 100%.

Besides Dogecoin and Cardano, the list of altcoins that is rising in the market is completed with ChainLink (LINK) and 0x (ZRX). These four crypto currencies have appreciated more than 29% in the last week, showing that an Altcoins rally may have begun.

Dogecoin goes up by 99%

Some altcoins are facing strong market valuation recently. Among them is Dogecoin, which had an 86.5% increase in price until last Wednesday (8).

In the last seven days this cryptomone currency has practically doubled its value in the market thanks to a wave of appreciation caused by a challenge that emerged on the Internet.

Users posted a challenge on TikTok that made the use of altcoin grow exponentially, which also had a price increase in the last week.

The user’s Facebook message about the four altcoins was posted last Wednesday (8). Since then, the price of Dogecoin has continued to rise in the market recently, making the cryptomoney accumulate a 99% appreciation in the last seven days.

At the time the analysis was published on social networks, ChainLink registered a price increase of almost 30% in the same period.

In addition, the 0x (ZRX) was among the best on the market, with a price increase of 31.86%. Finally, Cardano (ADA) also shot up in price by accumulating more than 56% increase in price recently.

User doubles his money by investing in Cardano (ADA)

The publication on the performance of altcoins in the market asked a question about the price of Bitcoin. Without much movement, the user claims that the cryptomoney is „stopped“.

3 reasons why Cardano (ADA) suddenly increased by 85% in 10 days
On the other hand, Altcoin has shown great appreciation in the short period, facing what is called „altseason“. An entrepreneur who owns a convenience store commented on Facebook that he doubled the money invested in altcoins in just two months.

According to the user’s comment, who accepts Bitcoin Investor as a form of payment in the convenience store, he received indications to invest in Cardano (ADA) after the visit of a trade enthusiast.

„A guy came to my store and saw that I ‚accept Bitcoin‘, thought it was ‚time‘ and talked about ADA (Cardano). He explained to me about the smart contracts, work with them, I trusted, I bought 4,000 reais at Binance. Two months ago this was already 8,200 reais, I will continue to contribute to (ADA)“.

With this move, the entrepreneur managed to obtain a 105% profit in only two months of investment.