Blockchain technology is a solution to the problem of privacy in Big Data

Blockchain technology is a solution to the problem of privacy in Big Data

Are you sure you know how your data is being used and monetised? If you did, you would think twice before revealing personal information so freely

Just as you might think twice before eating chicken nuggets once you see how they are prepared, you probably wouldn’t be willing to reveal your personal information after finding out how it is used and monetised.

Freedom has become one of the most Bitcoin Legacy commodified assets in the world, and year after year the internet continues to erode it.

We live in a world where we have to deal with 5,000 words of terms and conditions when we buy shoes. Crucial details about what companies do with our data are buried in piles of legal jargon, leading most of us to click ‚I agree‘ without thinking about the consequences.

In other cases, companies are unacceptably opaque about how our information is being used. This is a big problem when companies offer their services ‚for free’… on the condition that we give them our email address, phone number and other details.

A scene from the recent sci-fi TV series Maniac perfectly describes where the world is headed. A character is given the choice between paying for an underground ticket or receiving it for free in exchange for some personal information. Predictably, he opts for the second option.

This is basically what we do every day: we give our data to corporations, big and small, sacrificing our privacy and freedom in the process.

We have reached the point where individual states have had to step in with rules and regulations designed to protect the general public, as a good portion of them are not aware of what they are accepting when they tick a seemingly innocuous box on a website.

Moreover, the fact that tech giants are worried about these taps being closed is significant. When Apple unveiled a new feature that allows users to disable the monitoring of their activities on apps and websites, Facebook launched an aggressive PR campaign against such measures. The social network claimed that its initiative was intended to protect small businesses that rely on the platform for targeted advertising. The more cynical might see it as a veiled attempt to protect the profits of a company accused of the most insidious and influential data mining in history.

Pandora’s box has been opened

We have opened Pandora’s box, and things are starting to change. The long-awaited discussions about our online privacy are emerging.

For more than 10 years now, we have had an abundance of financial freedom thanks to Bitcoin (BTC) and its competitors… but there is still much to be done in other areas of our society.

Last week, I went grocery shopping and spontaneously bought a moisturiser. When I got home, I did a Google search to find out more about the product. For the next seven days, I was bombarded with advertisements for moisturising creams on Facebook.

Like our health, wellbeing and careers, freedom is a personal responsibility that we need to monitor, maintain and protect, especially in the digital world where it can be easily sold in exchange for access to free services.

To feel free and safe in our homes, we rely on the privacy of our property, and the trustworthiness of our friends and neighbours. Government laws and housing association rules subscribe to these principles. However, we also entrust our financial privacy to institutions, trusting that they will be accountable to regulators and central banks. The reason Bitcoin was created in 2009 is that our expectations have not been met.

L’azienda statunitense Marathon acquista 70.000 Bitcoin Minatori per 170 milioni di dollari

L’affare da 170 milioni di dollari è il più grande nella storia della Bitmain.

Marathon è solo una delle poche società americane che ha incrementato le proprie attività minerarie nel 2021.

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Il Trust Project è un consorzio internazionale di organizzazioni giornalistiche che costruisce standard di trasparenza.

Marathon Patent Group ha accettato di acquistare 70.000 unità minerarie Bitcoin dal gigante cinese dell’ASIC che produce Bitmain. L’accordo, secondo quanto riferito, vale circa 170 milioni di dollari.

Marathon gestisce già unità minerarie negli Stati Uniti. Tuttavia, l’accordo di lunedì aumenterà significativamente la quota dell’azienda nel tasso globale di hashish.

Marathon Bitcoin Miner Order è il più grande ordine di Bitmain ad oggi

Una delle più grandi società minerarie Bitcoin Profit degli Stati Uniti sembra destinata a crescere ancora di più nel 2021. Secondo un comunicato stampa pubblicato lunedì, Marathon Patent Group si è appena impegnata ad acquistare 70.000 ASIC Antminer S-19 dalla Bitmain.

L’accordo vedrà la Bitmain fornire alla Marathon 7.000 S-19 nel luglio 2021. Altre 63.000 unità arriveranno nel dicembre 2021.

Una volta completata, Marathon gestirà più di 103.000 minatori. Insieme, contribuiranno con 10,36EH/s al tasso globale di hashish.

Oggi, Marathon controlla circa 33.000 unità minerarie. L’ordine triplicherà le sue operazioni.

Merrick Okamoto, CEO di Marathon, ha commentato che l’ordine è il più grande Bitmain mai ricevuto in termini di dollari e il numero effettivo di S-19 richiesto. Ha aggiunto:

„Apprezziamo il duro lavoro che il loro team sta facendo per soddisfare questo ordine… Il nostro rapporto con la Bitmain è una componente importante del nostro potenziale di successo futuro, e non vediamo l’ora di continuare a lavorare con loro per scalare il nostro business“.

Irene Gao, Direttore Vendite Bitmain per il Nord, il Centro e il Sud America, ha dichiarato:

„Marathon è diventata rapidamente il nostro più grande cliente, e la nostra partnership continua ad apportare benefici reciproci ad entrambe le nostre aziende“.

Bitmain inondata di ordini nordamericani

Marathon Patent Group non è l’unica grande impresa mineraria statunitense che tiene occupata la Bitmain ultimamente. Il 20 dicembre, BeInCrypto ha riferito che Core Scientific ha acquistato 58.000 Bitmain S-19. L’azienda prevede di ricevere l’ordine entro il settembre 2021.

Con l’acquisto in massa, Core Scientific ha dichiarato di essere il più grande singolo minatore al di fuori della Cina. Tuttavia, quando entrambi gli ordini saranno completati, Marathon comanderà 103.000 minatori ai 76.000 di Core Scientific.

Un altro importante acquirente dell’hardware minerario di Bitmain è Riot Blockchain. Un’altra società nordamericana, Riot Blockchain, ha acquistato 10.500 unità Bitmain dall’ottobre 2019.

Il dominio cinese della BTC Mining sta volgendo al termine?
I principali operatori minerari che si insediano sul suolo statunitense possono essere potenzialmente positivi per i Bitcoin a lungo termine. In precedenza, i critici della principale moneta crittografica hanno indicato il dominio minerario cinese come una potenziale falla nella sicurezza.

L’ulteriore decentramento degli interessi minerari a livello globale è l’emergente hotspot della BTC in Iran. Nel maggio 2020, il governo iraniano ha elaborato una strategia nazionale di criptovaluta mineraria.

Come riportato dall’Asia Times, Max Keiser ritiene che l’interesse dell’Iran per le miniere di Bitcoin costringerà il governo statunitense a seguire il suo esempio. Infatti, l’ospite della RT crede che una tale „guerra globale dell’hashish“ potrebbe far salire il prezzo della BTC oltre i 500.000 dollari.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soon at $ 3000? – Kim Dotcom sees growth of more than 800%

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is probably the best-known and most stable hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC) . After months of intensive discussion about the block size of Bitcoin, the crypto currency BCH was created on August 1st, 2017 with the aim of being the „better“ and faster means of payment. In the last 30 days, Bitcoin Cash outperformed Bitcoin Machine with a price growth of + 31% and is therefore the second strongest crypto currency in the last 7 days after Litecoin (LTC).

The Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who announced a price target of 3,000 US dollars for the year 2021, caused speculation. Bitcoin Cash would then face growth of more than 800%.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forecast by Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom may be known to the majority of readers through his former company Megaupload. Kim Dotcom, whose real name is Kim Schmitz, has been commenting on the development of cryptocurrencies and the overall market for years.

In a recent tweet, Schmitz commented on Bitcoin Cash.

As the tweet shows, Schmitz has set a price target of $ 3,000 per Bitcoin Cash by 2021. He sees the explanation for the price target, which he puts at 3,000 USD without further justification, in the increasing acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, he attests that Bitcoin is a store of value. By definition, this means that investors do not use the cryptocurrency for payments, but much more for storing assets. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, is a well-suited means of payment, which is particularly advantageous for merchants.

He expresses his confidence by retweeting this tweet next year or earlier.

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Market development as the dominant factor

Kim Dotcom predicts a Bitcoin Cash price of $ 3,000 in 2021. The internet entrepreneur argues that the adoption of cryptocurrencies in commercial trading will increase. In his opinion, BCH can benefit from this, as the cryptocurrency, in contrast to Bitcoin, has lower transaction costs with faster transaction times.

From a technical perspective, the main positive factor remains that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rose by almost 13% in the last 24 hours, while the other top 10 cryptocurrencies show less volatility.

Grijswaardenonderzoek verbindt COVID-19 pandemie met nieuwe Bitcoin-aankopen

Uit onderzoeksgegevens van Grayscale Investments blijkt dat de coronaviruspandemie een rol heeft gespeeld bij de beslissing van nieuwe investeerders om Bitcoin te kopen.

Terwijl de Bitcoin-prijs stijgt in de richting van $18.000 en handelaren proberen een nieuwe all-time high te bemachtigen, gaat de golf van institutionele beleggers die op de Bitcoin (BTC) bandwagon springen, door.

Deze keer willen zowel institutionele als particuliere beleggers graag Bitcoin verzamelen, en gegevens van de crypto-derivatenmarkten laten zien dat institutionele beleggers de Bitcoin-volumes naar nieuwe hoogten drijven.

Volgens onderzoek van Grayscale Investments, een digitaal vermogensbeheerbedrijf dat momenteel meer dan $9,8 miljard aan vermogen onder beheer heeft, kan de coronaviruspandemie een primaire drijfveer zijn voor de huidige rally van Bitcoin.

Volgens het jaarlijkse onderzoek van het bedrijf begon 83% van alle Bitcoin-investeerders in de afgelopen 12 maanden, een tijd waarin COVID-19 infecties minimaal waren.

38% van alle huidige geïnterviewde Bitcoin-investeerders kwam in de laatste vier maanden erbij, en onder hen zegt 63% dat de economische ontwrichting veroorzaakt door COVID-19 een positieve invloed had op hun beslissing om BTC te kopen.

Bitcoin wordt mainstream

Het onderzoek van Grayscale laat ook zien dat Bitcoin meer mainstream wordt bij het grote publiek en de beleggersklasse. De vooruitzichten onder degenen die nog moeten investeren in Bitcoin zijn sinds 2019 aanzienlijk veranderd. In 2020 gaf 55% van de ondervraagde investeerders aan geïnteresseerd te zijn in het verwerven van Bitcoin, een aanzienlijke stijging ten opzichte van 36% in 2019.

Bijna de helft van de deelnemers aan het onderzoek gelooft dat cryptocurrencies tegen het einde van het decennium zullen worden beschouwd als reguliere uitwisselingsmedia.

De trend dat beleggers worden aangetrokken door het verhaal over de waarde van Bitcoin zal waarschijnlijk toenemen, en het is mogelijk dat de mainstream adoptie eerder komt dan de meeste financiers en beleggers verwachten. Minimaal bewijs hiervan komt uit een recent rapport van Citibank, waarin de auteur schat dat de prijs van Bitcoin in december 2021 $318.000 kan bereiken.

Zal Bitcoin zijn allure verliezen zodra COVID-19 weg is?

De vraag hoe de Bitcoin-prijs zal reageren op de uitroeiing van COVID-19 is een geldige vraag in het hoofd van sommige investeerders. Volgens Jonathan Hobbs, de auteur van The Crypto Portfolio en voormalig beheerder van een digitaal beleggingsfonds, zullen de gevolgen van de pandemie nog lang na de bestrijding van de ziekte zelf voelbaar zijn. Hobbs vertelde Cointelegraph:

„Covid-19 was de lucifer die het vuur aanstak voor institutionele adoptie. Maar het brandhout bouwde zich al lang voordien op. Nu het vuur brandt, is er veel water nodig om het te blussen. Als de wereld eindelijk genezen is van Covid-19, zal de economie nog steeds ziek zijn van de schulden. En centrale banken zullen geld blijven drukken om te proberen die schulden op te blazen, zoals ze dat sinds de financiële crisis van 2008 hebben gedaan. Dit betekent dat het institutionele verhaal dat bitcoin een inflatiehaag is, waarschijnlijk nog lang na de pandemie zal voortduren.

Het is duidelijk dat de enorme economische stimulans en het groeiende monetaire beleid als gevolg van de negatieve effecten van het coronavirus het economische landschap voor de nabije toekomst hebben veranderd.

Hoewel sommige analisten de invloed van de coronaviruspandemie op de rally van Bitcoin in 2020 misschien overschatten, is het duidelijk dat de pandemie een rol heeft gespeeld bij het versnellen van de belangstelling van beleggers voor cryptokringen.

Een van de belangrijkste positieve punten die door beleggers zijn geïdentificeerd is de lage toetredingsdrempel van Bitcoin en het bewezen vermogen om waarde te winnen wanneer er sprake is van volatiliteit in de traditionele markten. Deze factoren zullen waarschijnlijk blijven bestaan, zelfs wanneer de pandemie eindigt.

Ethereum 2.0 confirmed for 1 December Threshold exceeded hours before expiry

Only nine hours before the expiry of the Bitcoin Formula deposit contract, the required threshold of 524,288 ether was reached. ETH 2.0 will therefore arrive on 1 December.

The launch of ETH 2.0 was confirmed for 1 December, after 524,288 ethers (ETH) were transferred by 16,384 validators into the ETH 2.0 payment contract since it opened on 4 November.

Despite initial concerns about low staking, transfers into the payment contract increased rapidly over the last day. In the last 14 hours, more than 200,000 ETH were paid into the contract.

The Ethereum 2.0 chain is now scheduled to go online on the earliest possible start date, 1 December. This will happen automatically seven days after the threshold is reached.

Participants will not be able to have their coins paid out again until phase 1.5 of ETH 2.0. In this phase, the Ethereum mainnet will be merged with the ETH2 chain and the fragmented environment. Many Hodlers are waiting for third parties to introduce staking services that offer a payout function. However, the risk of exit fraud is very high.

The threshold set in the deposit contract was reached about nine hours before the deadline.

Bitcoin on credit: Microstrategy wants to buy BTC for 400 million US dollars

Micrsotrategy has again announced that it will buy an enormous amount of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the DeFi sector and Tether’s market cap are at all-time highs. The market update.

The Bitcoin course is still struggling to sustainably break the US $ 19,000 mark

At press time, the BTC rate is $ 18,827. This means that the rate of the key crypto currency has to drop 1.84 percent in a 24-hour comparison.

What’s better than Bitcoin in the war chest? More Bitcoin Storm in the war chest. Microstrategy boss Michael Saylor’s calculation must be something like this, because on December 7th, Microstrategy announced the next bang, which should make Bitcoin bulls click their tongues. The IT company plans to increase its Bitcoin reserve for $ 400 million. The money will come from the sale of convertible bonds (senior convertible notes) to institutional investors.

The Notes are unsecured, priority obligations of MicroStrategy and accrue interest semi-annually to June 15 and December 15 of each year beginning June 15, 2021. The Notes will mature on December 15, 2025 unless they are repurchased, redeemed or converted in accordance with their terms at an earlier date. […] MicroStrategy intends to invest the net proceeds from the sale of the Notes in Bitcoin in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy until the needs for working capital and other general corporate purposes are determined.

it says in the corresponding message to the investors of Microstrategy

The share price of Microstrategy (MSTR) benefited from the announcement and gained 2.5 percent. So far, the US service provider’s strategy of using Bitcoin as the main reserve asset is working. In particular, the Bitcoin rally of the past few weeks has catapulted the corporate value of Microstrategy soaring.

Just last Friday, December 4th, CEO Saylor announced the purchase of an additional 2,574 BTC. At the time of going to press, Microstrategy now holds 40,824 BTC.

DeFi holds record level, Tether continues to print USDT

While the Bitcoin rate and the top 10 Altcoins are taking a breather, the decentralized financial services (DeFi) sector in particular is printing green candles. With Compound (COMP, +14.5 percent), Band Protocol (BAND, +6.8 percent) and Sushi (SUSHI, +3.4 percent), the DeFi-Space represents 3 of the five Altcoins with the largest 24 hours -Increase. The value of the assets stored on DeFi platforms (TVL) is still at an all-time high of 14.8 billion US dollars.

Steve Wozniak’s company went up in price 10 times after the listing of its own token

EFFORCE, founded by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, said that the listing of its WOZX token on the exchange has increased its market value tenfold to $950 million, the New York Post reports.

On Thursday, 3 December, the coin began trading on the HBTC crypt currency exchange. From the initial price of $0.1 WOZX rose to more than $1.42 at its peak. At the time of writing, token quotes are around $1.26.

WOZX is expected to list next week on the South Bitcoin Up review Korean platform Bithumb.

EFFORCE aims to facilitate the financing of energy efficiency projects with the help of a blockbuster and crypto.

„We created EFFORCE to be the first decentralised platform that allows everyone to participate in and benefit financially from global energy efficiency projects as well as to make significant changes to the environment,“ said Wozniak.

Investors can buy company tokens and use them to participate in projects on its platform. EFFORCE monitors their energy savings and returns them to investors in the form of an energy credit that can be used or sold.

According to co-founder Jacopo Vizetti, it is difficult for many small businesses to find the means to implement energy efficient solutions that will save them money in the long term.

„EFFORCE allows business owners to safely register their energy modernisation project online and obtain financing from all types of investors around the world,“ he emphasised.

Wozniak was among the co-founders of EFFORCE last year. According to the firm’s statement, EFFORCE spent most of the past time creating the architecture of its block-platform and servicing the first batch of test projects.

Jason Mo führt nach Tag 2 des APPT Seoul Main Events

Tag 2 des APPT Season 9 Seoul KRW3,000,000 Main Events wurde vor einigen Stunden nach 10 Spielstufen abgeschlossen.

Die beiden Startfelder zogen insgesamt 241 Spieler an, von denen nur 91 an Tag 2 zurückkehrten

Die Aktion begann mit Takihiro Nakai als Chipleader mit 186.700. Ihm folgten Hajime Iwakura mit 153.900 und Hirotoshi Nakabo mit 135.200. Die PokerStars-Team-Profis Aditya Agarwal, Bryan Huang und Celina Lin sowie die ehemaligen APPT Seoul-Meister Aaron Lim und Chane Kampanatsanyakorn waren ebenfalls unter denjenigen, die für Tag 2 zurückkehrten, aber sie waren am Anfang weit hinter den Chipleadern.

Wie oben erwähnt, dauerte es 10 Level und mehr als 12 Stunden, bis der Tag beendet war. Tag 3 soll am 12. April um 12 Uhr Ortszeit beginnen. Es sind nur noch 13 Spieler übrig , was bedeutet, dass 4 von ihnen gehen müssen, bevor der Final Table gesetzt ist. Neben seinem Teil des Videoslots Bonus Code erhält der Gewinner auch einen Eintritt in Höhe von 100.000 HKD für die diesjährige Asia Championship of Poker, die zwischen dem 30. Oktober und dem 15. November stattfinden wird.

Tag 3 des APPT Seoul Main Events beginnt mit dem US-amerikanischen Spieler Jason Mo als Chipleader mit 960.000

Ihm folgen Daniel Demicki aus Polen mit 792.000 und das chinesische PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin mit 540.000. Bryan Huang ist der andere von PokerStars gesponserte Spieler, der es bis zum letzten Tag des Events geschafft hat.

In der Tat ist Jason Mo ein Name, den viele, die sich für Poker interessieren, gehört haben. Der Spieler, der derzeit in Missouri, USA, lebt, wurde letztes Jahr sehr beliebt, als er bei der WSOP $ 25.000 No-Limit Hold’em – Mixed Max in Las Vegas Zweiter wurde. Dort traf Mo in einem Heads-up-Spiel auf Pokerprofi Vanessa Selbst , konnte aber keine Chance gegen sie haben und erhielt $ 538.308 für seinen zweiten Platz, der auch sein bisher bestes Live-Geld ist.

Der Spieler hat einen weiteren zweiten Platz bei einem WSOP-Event 2012, bei dem er 229.722 $ des gesamten Preispools einkassierte. Im Oktober 2014 gewann Mo das WPT National Philippines $ 25.000 + 500 No-Limit Hold’em Event für $ 147.180. Er schnitt auch bei der diesjährigen Aussie Millions Poker Championship recht gut ab, wo er bei der No $ Limit Hold’em Challenge mit 98.000 $ + 2.000 # 11 den fünften Platz belegte und 497.788 $ erhielt.

Der Spieler hat insgesamt 1.596.041 US-Dollar an Live-Einnahmen und belegt derzeit den dritten Platz in der Missouri All-Time-Money-Liste.

Bitcoin går ned, da markedskorrigering udsletter milliarder fra markedsdækslet

Bitcoin tumler $ 1.000 på 3 timer, når kryptotyreløb rammer en mur. Wall Street fortsætter sit rekordbrud, når det går ind i Thanksgiving.

Kort om

  • Bitcoins pris falder $ 1.000 på tre timer.
  • En stor tilstrømning af Bitcoin til børser menes at være bag udsalget.
  • Nasdaq slog rekorder i går, da de amerikanske markeder går ind i Thanksgiving.

Vi hader at sige, at vi fortalte dig det. I gårsdagens Market Watch diskuterede vi muligheden for en Bitcoin-korrektion, der snart skulle finde sted. Og det ser ud til, at det snart er nu.

Bitcoin havde været opkrævet i 36 dage – ifølge Relative Strength Index – og mange ventede nervøst på det øjeblik, hvor Bitcoins held ville ændre sig. Nå den dag er i dag. Bare 24 timer tidligere havde Bitcoin flirtet med $ 19.500, men kort efter middag i går begyndte Bitcoins pris at sive ned.

Derefter klokken 3:30 UTC faldt det ned fra en klippe og mistede $ 500 i løbet af få minutter. På tre timer havde den mistet $ 1.000. Hvad skete der? Et par ting. Den første var en stigning i aktivitet til udveksling. Flere hvaler – dem, der har mere end 10.000 BTC – syntes at flytte betydelige mængder valuta til børser.

Historisk set havde sådanne bevægelser tendens til at være et signal, der var ved at forlade deres positioner. Faktisk viser diagrammet leveret af Ki Young Ju, administrerende direktør for on-chain analysefirma Crypto Quant, tilstrømningen toppet lige da springet begyndte.

Andre har foreslået, at genåbningen af ​​den belejrede børs OKEx, som har omkring $ 13 milliarder dollars i Bitcoin, delvis skyldtes. Børsen skulle dog ikke være åben i yderligere fem timer, så der er mindre et stærkt signal der, men det kan signalere yderligere tab senere i dag.

Og andre sætter det ned på den naturlige rækkefølge.

Uanset om du købte øverst på markedet, er dine Bitcoin-beholdninger 7,8% mindre værd end de gjorde i går. Hvis du havde købt Ethereum, ville du være 13,5% fattigere. Faktisk er alle de 20 bedste kryptokurver efter markedsværdi blevet røde, hvor XRP tager 20% tab – men er stadig op 80% for ugen.

Alt i alt var det en knusende dag for krypto-overvågere, ligesom Amerika gjorde sig klar til Thanksgiving. Bah Humbug.

Nasdaq slår rekorder takket være Tesla

Over på Wall Street, mens i går var Dow Jones Industrial Average’s rekorddag, reagerede Nasdaq natten over med et eget rally.

Tesla førte afgiften og tog den til rekordhøjder i den tidlige handel. Dens markedsværdi er nu nord for 500 milliarder dollars. Denne værdiansættelse placerer Elon Musks elbilselskab inden for de 10 mest værdifulde virksomheder, ifølge Asset Dash. Sjovt faktum, Bitcoin gled tre steder efter gårsdagens markedsspring.

Dow trak sig tilbage fra sin rekorddag i går, da investorer flyttede penge væk fra virksomheder, der stadig er voldsramte af COVID, og ​​tilbage i den relative sikkerhed af Nasdaqs tech-aktier.

Dette afspejles i en prognose fra Goldman Sachs, der sagde, at den havde nedjusteret Amerikas Q4 og Q1 2021 prognoser, da landet fortsat ser rekordstore antal nye sager.

Amerikanske markeder er lukket i dag til Thanksgiving, hvilket vil være en lettelse for nogle og frustrerende for andre, der er ivrige efter, at denne markedsbølge aldrig slutter.